Disease State: Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD)


Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) is an irritant contact dermatitis from prolonged contact with urine or faeces as a result of incontinence. It occurs in all age groups but the prevalence is highest in aged care settings and geriatric populations. The lack of comparable trial outcomes is a major challenge in the field of evidence-based IAD prevention and treatment. Core outcome sets may be helpful to improve the value of clinical incontinence-associated dermatitis research.

Project Goal

After reviews and international Delphi studies five core outcome domains were proposed: erythema, erosion, maceration, incontinence-associated dermatitis-related pain and patient satisfaction. The goal is now to identify outcome measurement instruments per domain.

Project Leads

Dimitri Beeckman
Dimitri Beeckman
Jan Kottner
Jan Kottner

Executive Committee

C3 Methods Partner:

Phyllis Spuls
Phyllis Spuls


Dimitri Beeckman (

Prof. Dr. Jan Kottner (


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Updated on 21. June 2022